Ngiinda Darrundang Gaagal

Otis Hope Carey
Opens 6pm - 8pm, 06.09.19
Continues 12 - 5pm until 21.09.19, or by appointment.

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‘Ngiinda Darrundang Gaagal' (I Thank The Ocean) by Otis Hope Carey focuses on representational imagery of the ceremonial dancing of the Gumbaynggirr people, weaved together with traditional forms in thanks to their totemic spiritual emblem ‘GAAGAL’ (Ocean).

"This body of work for the show is my interpretation of a ceremonial dance that our mob does called 'GAAGAL YULUDARLA' (Ocean dreaming). I use ceremonial dancing symbols underneath and the coloured circles on top represent the ocean. The way I’ve used the colours over the top represent childhood memories of certain rock pools and rivers. I also use the top pattern that map out rivers that flow into the ocean and special fishing spots off headlands."

'Ngiinda Darrundang Gaagal' is Otis Hope Carey's fourth solo exhibition with China Heights.