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Alto Aqui

Jesse Lizotte
Opens 6-8pm, 23.03.18

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Showcasing a series of 13 photographs selected from a road trip up and down the Baja coast of Mexico, ‘Alto Aqui’ is a departure from Jesse Lizotte’s previous works with his focus shifting to the landscape.
“The majority of the photos are of landscapes and there is a certain stillness about them. They are more personal. What struck me about the landscape was the polarity. You have this arid and harsh desert, dotted with huge saguaro cactuses and then the most crystal blue ocean water lapping up on the shores. It really seemed like an oasis - just me, my girlfriend Maya and these desolate spaces we passed through.”

Lizotte is driven by an interest in the way in which people on the fringes of society influence popular culture and fashion, with his subject matter often gravitating towards subcultures, whether it be skateboarders, lowriders or musicians. Lizotte’s approach to his subjects is honest and considerate, fostering natural connections that are evident in his portraiture. His images evoke a sense of familiarity for the viewer, yet his photographic sensibilities give a fresh perspective. The scenes he creates have a filmic quality, capturing both tension and movement. Lizotte presented his first solo exhibition titled ‘Lowrider’ at China Heights gallery in 2014, and has since exhibited his work in Melbourne, Los Angeles, and London.

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"they used to call me"
Rad Dan

Daniel R. Watkins
Opens 6-8pm, 23.03.18

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12 months in the making, Daniel R. Watkins new body of work ‘they used to call me Rad Dan’ is based on fiction false idols.
Idol being branded, feeling, location, person, idea.
“An idol in representing a moment, reason or thought that you implement for selfless prosperity.
The world is saturated with false idols that are led by marketing tycoons, only to gain respect in hope of the mighty dollar.
Therefore changing the word respect, to a word that now associates with followings,
sales, revenue, popularity, stocks, status, inflation - the list goes on.
The young and uneducated have been attenuated by false idols.
They are good for a laugh but no good for respect.”
Watkins has collaborated with photographers Max Doyle and Banjo Mclachlan in this series, to add a non-linear photographic foundation.
The mediums used include; screen printing, acrylic, crayon, pencil, plywood, water colour & permanent markers. 
All to create the effect of a used street poster.

Born 1987 and raised with a surrealist painter father, Watkins is a practicing art director and graphic designer, and now “never be to proud to learn something new and start at the bottom” an apprentice carpenter.
Watkins strong fascination with nostalgic Australian culture and paraphernalia, has led him around the country.
One notably excursion was a live art installation he created in the Australia Outback, called ‘Magic Mungo’ shot by Jedd Cooney.
"Hyperactive? I wouldn’t label myself as hyperactive. I'm just someone who is intrigued with fast paced information. I adopt this with my enjoyment in using mixed media. It could be just be another form of ADD."