Altered Ground. Ink Transfer and Acrylic on Canvas in custom frame. 87 x 113.5 cm (WEB).jpg


Bryce Anderson
Open 6-8pm, Friday 17th May
Continues 12-5pm until 25.05.19

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China Heights is proud to present Bryce Anderson’s debut Sydney solo exhibition ‘Bloom’.
This is a series of paintings based on collaged imagery of floral arrangements meshed with objet d'art, placed over mesmerising planes of neon negative space.

To highlight the individual elements of each composition, Anderson has combined the experimental process of ink transfer mono-printing direct to the canvas, countered by the traditional practice of botanical oil painting. All works are highlighted by a custom frame, coloured to suit it’s contents.

"The act of removing a flower from its bed to be placed into a vessel sets out to claim the flower as our own, becoming a part of our lives and narratives if only temporarily.” Much like the discarded matter from print media Anderson's series ‘Bloom’ re-situates images into still life motifs that speak to the objecthood of their subjects and the matter they are constructed from.


Super Position

Dion Horstmans
Open 6-8pm, Friday 17th May
Continues 12-5pm until 25.05.19

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Dion Horstmans is a New Zealand born, Sydney based sculptor and artist.
His strong, dynamic artworks embody his infinite energy which strives to depict fluid movement through his static structures; strong lines join to create forceful, multi-dimensional works.

‘Super position’ acknowledges the aspect of the superposition principal, in that the work is in constant mutability between still image and dynamic sculptural perception. The work is driven by the process with the expressive output constantly evolving. The work drives and influences itself.

Through a series of ink drawings on paper, the form and gesture of the sculptures are born. The three dimensional departures break through space, and engage the quantum dynamic of lines moving in flux. Horstmans superimposes the two dimensional drawings again over the three dimensional sculptures to convert a new visual language as seen in the line works in this exhibition.  

His syntax also seeks to return to the flat plane as a shadow on the wall of these reliefs, with an intuitive understanding of form ensuring unity and dynamism between his works within their surroundings and each other.

After an initial career within the film industry, Horstmans chose to pursue a creative path in 2006. His dedication to artistic practice has resulted in a number of successful solo exhibitions in Melbourne, Sydney and Asia. He has completed numerous commercial commissions and major public art commissions including work for Collins Square, Melbourne and Central Park in Sydney. His work is represented in numerous national and international collections, including Artbank and The Justin Art House Museum.