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Just Heaps Surprised To Be Alive

  • China Heights Gallery Australia (map)

Garry Trinh



China Heights is proud to present 'Just Heaps Surprised to be Alive', a series of photographs by Garry Trinh, that celebrate spontaneity, energy and life.
Just heaps surprised to be alive is an antidote to the repetitive nature of contemporary photography projects. The feeling of vitality, and knowing you're excelling is the instant gratification Trinh feels when he captures his perfect image. It's like driving from Goulburn to Bankstown and hitting all the green lights.
Trinh has never taken the rules too seriously, and with this attitude, has applied a humorous
aesthetic to all of his works. These photos explore how Trinh allows life and coincidence to inform his projects, while still keeping some traces of the artist’s hand. He questions what role control plays in photography if the aim is to record the unintended and unexpected.
By continually observing and shooting, Trinh has been able to capture casual symmetry, accidental reflections and the act of vibrant living. His work reveals the joy in something unplanned, that often goes unnoticed. It's not the expected that makes us feel alive but the unexpected.