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05.10.19 Room 13 - The Slow - Brett Chan


Utilising traditional geometric patterning that represents his urban community and balances his cosmic connectivity, Brett Chan provokes an internal discussion surrounding modern and historical cultures and the identity of mankind in contemporary environments. He has coined this world view and art style, ‘future primitive’. With a Keith Haring style, he employs universal forms to induce silent reflection, blending the real with the surreal. Worlds beyond worlds beyond worlds. Chan also flexes his skill in the realms of skateboarding, music, poetry and film. ‘Spiritual Children’ is complemented by the launch of his 3rd 9 track album, with each song reflecting a piece from this exhibition. Living to his ethos of “a life well-lived is the best art”, this exhibition invites you into a fleetingly brooding mood.

Earlier Event: 6 September
06.09.19 Ngiinda Darrundang Gaagal