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15.02.19 Altered Visions


Source material in art making can be gained from a multitude of possible channels, Altered Visions examines five contemporary artists who draw upon their personal experiences and interpretations of their environment as the foundations of their practice. Encompassing sculpture, photography and painting the exhibition indulges in different modes of production to explore the diverse processes and outcomes found amongst the exhibitors.

Observable elements of surreality can be found within many of the works, such as Harry Culy’s images of a banal yet surreal New Zealand, to Lucy O’Doherty’s landscapes and interiors which depict dream-like renderings of a world somewhere between here and the next.

A series of paintings produced by Adam Turnbull offers three outcomes to approaching the same subject matter. In an impressionistic colour-palette, the triptych alludes to the classical still-life theme of time through the subtle changing of the direction of the shadows, tones and swhifting light source.

Holly Greenwood’s large scale paintings of tree trunks, twigs, bark, and foliage all set ablaze create an immersive viewing of what could be described as landscape-interiors. Painted near Hill End, with reference to the history of the Australian painting canon, the thick textured oil paint and figurative oil stick markings depict outlines and allusions to an important and familiar landscape.

Incorporating collage, text, print and sculpture Siena White’s Dreams of An Assistant II, selected from her 2018 body of work Number One Assistant, reflects upon her identity and role within a male-dominated working environment utilising humour, text and teen aesthetic to explore feelings and observations about navigating these complex environments.