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27.07.19 Room 13 - The Slow - Alex Knost


"Through eyes closed
When the sense complete my sentences
While everyone’s being reckless
After I stop trying to try
Before I’m gonna cry
I do it through eyes closed"

Artist, musician, and surfer, Alex Knost (b.1985) has been experimenting in surfing's subculture for over a decade through a wide range of artistic mediums. Much like his imaginative, eccentric surfing techniques, Knost's artworks challenge relationships between texture and
colour whilst breaking the regiment of art forms.

'plastic surgery jesus year showcases Knost's imaginative and eccentric techniques that disregard the standarised single-medium approach to art production.

Knost has been experimenting within surfing's subculture for over a decade, travelling internationally to create and exhibit various bodies of work in the form of paintings, films, photography, sculpture and music. Most recently his photography was exhibited at Acne Studios (Tokyo), Depart Foundation (Los angeles) and 303 gallery (NYC).

In 2012 Alex founded his own surfboard label, Brown Microwave Television, experimenting with outdated or disregarded design. He has recorded and toured with since expired “pop rock group” Japanese Motors, as well as current lo-fi minimal pop band Tomorrows Tulips. In 2016 he debuted Glitterbust, an experimental electric guitar duo formed with Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth.

His exhibition will launch at 7pm on the 27th of July at Room 13 gallery at The Slow Canggu, and will be on display until 3rd October 2019.

This is Alex Knost's third instalment with China Heights.

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