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21.06.19 Affordable Dancing and Other Hits



Is it a mixtape, a visual poem, a collection, a cacophony, a menagerie, a cluster, a smattering, a box of chocolates, a six pack of beer?

It's a bunch of paintings. That's actually what it is. But what in actuality is it?

Is it a fever dream? Is it what you see when you close your eyes and you open them and it's still black because you forgot to take off your sleep mask and you think the void is staring back while screening your calls?

Is it like the video clip for We Didn't Start The Fire?

Is it like a villains' lair and they're sitting in front of a hundred screens and there's war and MTV and the Simpsons on?

Is it because I couldn't pick a horse and decided to run them all?

Probably, but maybe I just want to dance.

Later Event: 12 July
12.07.19 Noctua