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26.10.18 From Away


The term ‘From Away’ is used in rural New South Wales to describe an individual not native to the town. This series is a look into these towns and what is considered commonplace through the lens of an outsider. These fragile spaces are small time capsules holding stories of lives and cultures passed. They are skeletons of what the present holds, like a prophecy, a future death. It is a blending of past and present. These images represent what everything will eventually become, desolate, abandoned, overused, undervalued.

Gabriella Lo Presti is a Sydney based artist, having completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at The National Art School, Sydney, Australia. Influenced by the sublime, the banal and the everyday her photographs work on ideas about space and the nature of place. Specifically how interior, open and exterior space relates to the individual as a present and absent object.