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23.11.18 "Far too red to be a lawn"

James McCullough



“Far too red to be a lawn” utilises strong colour over the representational or realistic values. In this series, McCullough studies windows as a barrier or portal between reality and the abstract. The act of viewing the outside from inside instantly creates distance between the action and the viewer.

McCullough in this series revisits landscape painting, abandoning purely gestural mark marking and instead favours form and a sense of order. Staying true to his preferred abstract expressionist roots, McCullough’s dreamlike scenes keep you engaged. It is his intention to question the mundane urban landscape and seek what can be conceived as reality or false reality. The window can be seen as deceiving and you are not to assume what you see is how it truly exists.

“The walls are blue, and the carpet is green, the moon sheds no light on the ground.”
- James McCullough, 2018

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