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15.06.18 Room 13 - The Slow - Annalisa Ferraris


Abandonment, the road, suburban dystopias, and midnight motel feasts are all part of the liminal world that Annalisa Ferraris will transport us to in her upcoming exhibition with China Heights, launching on the 16th of June 2018 at The Slow in Canggu - Bali.

Ferraris will be travelling to the island in collaboration with The Slow, Bali. Her career was launched in 2015 as part of a two person exhibition titled ‘Pools’, with Lucy O’Doherty. 
Her first solo exhibition was held onsite at China Heights in 2017 and was an immediate sell-out and the catalyst of a devout following. Her works are made using acrylic on board, mainly for the flatness and precision such paint can achieve, but also for its ability to pick up every imperfection in timber.

Now a two time Brett Whiteley scholarship and Mosman art prize finalist, she was initially drawn to the arts for the allowed rebellion and freedom from rigidity, her inspiration is drawn from minimalist architecture, bars, cheap motels, abandoned buildings, and the bazar relationship we have with places of temporary habitation.  Ferraris invites the viewer into those places of transient habitation, creating an unlikely coupling of hard-edged abstract purity imbued with realist references to low-rent pleasure and road-trip bravado. It’s a Vegas of the mind awash with irony.

Her paintings of empty swimming pools, abandoned brutalist buildings and still-life scenes of stubbed out cigarettes will be on show in The Slow’s gallery space of Room 13 until the 13th of August.

Later Event: 29 June
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