Borders (The Magnetic Fields)

Stanislava Pinchuk: Miso
Opens 6-8pm, 25.05.18
Continues until 13.06.18

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China Heights is proud to present Borders (The Magnetic Fields) by acclaimed artist Stanislava Pinchuk, a data mapping of the changing landscape made by the evacuation of the Calais 'Jungle' Refugee Camp.
Collecting data over 6 months, the works plot entire camp topographies as lace meshes; a fabric of desire & longing. This references the history of Calais’ traditional lace borders, as well as current political borders.
Shown alongside the maps are a series of terrazzo blocks which preserve the survival objects trampled into the ground during the evacuation. Beautiful at a distance, only on closest inspection do they reveal their contents to be SIM cards, shotgun shells, tent poles, shoes, toothbrushes & kiosk tiles. The blocks preserve the nature of the camp ground in a material made for both interior & exterior use - the nature of the public domesticity in the 'Jungle'. 
This body of work that has recently placed Stanislava Pinchuk on the Forbes 30 Under 30 List.


A Brief Survey of My Surroundings

Jarryd Lynagh
Opens 6-8pm, 25.05.18
Continues until 13.06.18

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Jarryd Lynagh’s A Brief Survey of My Surroundings comprises a body of work which considers symbols of the past and the potential trajectory of the Australian interior.
Images such as a man chopping wood or the inside of a union meeting room then flourish into moments of sublimation within the landscape through their sequencing, with each photograph acting as an ongoing ‘pause for effect’. 
Through an expanded documentary approach personal narratives weave into a series of portraits, landscapes and interiors to make an allusory reading experience which denies conclusiveness and the bold summation so often associated with photography.
Produced in Hill End and Broken Hill this chapter develops upon Lynagh’s past work made in Queensland’s Central Highlands region, continuing it’s reflection upon the wake of industrialisation.